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Practice areas

  • Business Environmental Law

  • Natural Resources (Oil & Gas)

  • Urban law

  • Agricultural law

  • Strategic Litigation

  • Litigation and Arbitration

  • Negotiation, Formulation and Project Management

  • Administrative procedures on national and local authorities

  • Due Diligence and Audits

  • Tax benefits

  • Public and Private Contracting

  • Energy efficiency and alternative energies

  • Formulation and evaluation of policies and regulations

  • Relationship with communities



  • Oil & Gas

  • Infrastructure

  • Agroindustry

  • Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Manufacturing and Transformation

  • Public Services and Transportation

  • Construction and Urban Development

  • Public administration

  • Territorial planning

  • International cooperation

  • Alternative energies and energy efficiency

  • International cooperation

  • Scientific investigation

  • Environmental goods and services

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News and analysis


Know all the regulations about the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Colombia


The Presidency of the Republic has made the relevant legislation and regulations related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) available to the public

The National Government has made available to all Colombians all the legislative and regulatory provisions, decrees with the force of law and general administrative acts issued by the Congress of the Republic and the bodies that make up the executive branch of public power in the National order , which can be downloaded at the following link.


The pertinent regulations are permanently updated as the health, economic and social emergency derived from the COVID-19 virus pandemic that affects the Colombian population evolves.


We invite you to consult the respective provisions and to be attentive to the analyzes and reviews that we will publish on the pertinent regulations in environmental, mining-energy, urban development and rural and agricultural development.

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