We are a boutique firm of professionals with 25 years of experience in business environmental law, urban law, agricultural law, and mining-energy law (Oil & Gas), through the implementation of instruments and tools of public and private law , with a view to strengthening the sustainability and management of the legal risk of the business and institutional activity of its clients and allies in the country.


We specialize in legal advice in business, urban, mining-energy (Oil & Gas) and agricultural environmental law, for which, we have a team of associated professionals in various disciplines (engineering, social sciences, economics, architecture, geology, biology, ecology, administration, and agronomy) that allow us to offer a comprehensive package of services, and an interdisciplinary approach in the consultancies that we make available to your company or organization.

Some of our projects and consultancies:
  • Environmental Legal Advisory Refinería de Cartagena -REFICAR

  • Comprehensive Environmental Advisory Operation El Alcaravan BIOENERGY and BIOENERGY ZONA FRANCA Plant.

  • Comprehensive Environmental Advisory Partial Plan El Pedregal - America Business Center

  • Comprehensive Environmental Consulting Construction of H-I Blocks Universidad Externado de Colombia

  • Legal guidelines for an Environmental Land Management Policy in Colombia.

  • Diagnosis of the situation of the environmental licensing process in Colombia.

  • Advice on formulation of the INCODER Agreement that regulates the process of subtraction of forest reserves of Law 2/59 for agrarian reform.

  • Structuring the Biodiversity Fund and Natural Heritage Protected Areas

  • Proposal to regulate the recovery strategy for areas abandoned due to mining activities (environmental liabilities)

  • Advice on the declaration of the Bahía Málaga Marine Protected Area

  • Mangrove Zoning Cartagena de Indias

  • Proposal for regulation of buffer zones National Natural Parks

  • Judicial defense strategy Capital District Río Tunjuelo

  • Texican Oil Plc Thermoelectric Environmental License

  • Regularization of discharges and incinerator furnace Algarra SA

  • Environmental audit road concessions

  • Proposal for environmental structuring concession for debris disposal IDU

  • Formulation Regulation Urban Macroproject Rio Tunjuelo

  • Structuring of payment contracts for environmental services (PSA) El Encino and Mogotes (Santander)

  • Proposed regulation of Industrial Mining Parks Capital District

  • Regulation of the Rural Development Statute (Law 1152 of 2007)

  • El Dorado Airport Urban Macroproject

  • Nariño Forest Management and Ordination Plan

  • Proplag Pesticide Plant Environmental Licensing

  • Proposal Regulatory Decree Subtraction Forest Reserves Law 2a / 59

  • POT Tuluá review

  • Bogotá Earthquake Recovery Action Plan.

  • Representación Algarra SA Environmental Sanctioning Processes

  • Lacteos El Recreo environmental law assesment

  • Representación Baxter SA Sanctioning and permissive environmental processes

  • Legal advice Bogotá Tourism Master Plan.




Our services offer:
  • Comprehensive advice on environmental, agricultural, mining-energy and urban matters.

  • Administrative procedures at public authorities.

  • Judicial and administrative representation.

  • Strengthening and training the organization in the application of standards and regulations.

  • Concepts and proposals for policy and normative regulation.

  • Legal compliance and due diligence audits.

  • Advice on the application of tax and non-tax incentives.

  • Rural, Urban, Mining and Energy Development Projects, Climate Change and Payment for Environmental Services

  • Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental Management Plans and Strategic Environmental Assessments

  • Territorial Planning Plans, Partial Plans, Implementation Plans, Real Estate Integration and other urban planning instruments

  • Urban and rural property management and infrastructure projects and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources

  • Social management and citizen participation mechanisms

  • Litigation and arbitration

  • Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

  • Strategic Litigation

  • Agenda and normative update

  • Training

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